Cub Scout Camp and the Remodel

On a lighter note... this week was Cub Scout Camp.  I had the joy of attending along with Joshua.  He had a blast.  I loved when the Archery Master asked the boys "if anyone has ever shot a bow/arrow".  One boy excitedly responded that he had "shot one on his Wii before".   LOL!

The garage/studio remodel is coming along wonderfully.  I'm hoping to have things up and running by the end of July. 

All the best,


corn fed girl said...

I need before, durning & after pictures please!

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

Of the remodel or scout camp??? :) I have tons of scout camp pics that will be up on facebook soon. The boys all had hilarious stories about you from last year at the archery range. I hear you're a dead aim!

corn fed girl said...

Greattttttt. Hey now, that scout jumped in the way. It wasn't my fault that I nailed him w/ an arrow!