When Pigs Fly

A little bit of comic relief is in order. Spring seemed just around the corner. The large snow drifts finally melted away and I could have swore I caught a glimpse of sunshine the other day. Dreams of tulips and lilies occasionally danced through my mind as I began to plan for planting the flower bed... not so fast Deary! (Insert evil witch's cackle) Winter decided to bring one final snow storm last night. So this focal is dedicated to those of you couped up in igloos, sipping hot chocolate & sporting long-john thermals.
The Big Questions:
When Pigs Fly, do they travel First Class?
Do they squeal & run in circles when the plane hits minor turbulence?
Are they courteous in powering off their laptops/phones when the Captain says so?
Do they insist upon extra pretzels when the Flight Attendant offers only 1 bag?
Last, but not least... Is a dress-code required?

1 comment:

Cherry Chick said...

We do know that they don't hang out the window and say "Wee wee wee" all the way home. ;-)