Woodstock No. 1

How many days until Spring? I am considering joining a traveling band of gypsies and moving to a warmer climate... ok maybe not. The temp is 7'F and the roads are pure ice. On a brighter side, the snow fort & man-made sled hill are void of children until school dismisses this afternoon.... maybe just one ride??? Where did I put my gloves & scarf?


formartis - Iris Schäfer said...

Dear Heather,

thank you for imaging spring! I'm waiting too ... I like this bright bead very much.

XXX from Germany, Iris

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

Thank you Iris. The pink murrini focals you posted are fabulous as always. I hope you are staying warm in Germany. All the best my friend, Heather

Cherry Chick said...

Well...you know Hotel Le Cherry Chic is always open to you in sunny Florida where the temp is 52 degrees right now. I'm sure even that sounds good to you. I can't even imagine 7! Yikes!
I hate to point out the obvious, too. It's only the beginning of Dec. :(

formartis - Iris Schäfer said...


it's much warmer in Germany, it's 12 degrees ... snow and ice ...

Oh yes, being in a hotel in Florida now ... that would be great.

Wish you sunny days ... in the beginning of December ... (grrrrrrrrr love people who point out the obvious ;-) )

Thank you for joining my beads Heather, Iris