Honeysuckle: THE Color for 2011

Honeysuckle Flowers:
The Pantone Color Institute is forcasting a vibrant 2011. The captivating hue is just the thing to ward off the blues and infuse a punch of color. "Honeysuckle" features encased dichroic and razor cut glass. Enjoy & Happy 2011!


Anonymous said...

. . . sweet color ;)

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

Thanks Guido. Your new yellow frog focal is too cute!

Cherry Chick said...

LOL....Honeysuckle was what I use to call my 2nd Ex.
Beautiful color and a fabulous bead.

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

Dun Dun Dun.... not the second Ex's nickname! Thanks for the funny comment Vicki :)

artepura said...

I am at first time here. And what can i say.....Beatiful colors and beads

With Regards from Switzerland

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

Hallo Iva,

Danke schön. Wenn ich deine schönen Perlen bewundere. Danke für dein Kommentar.

LG Heather

Trish said...

Hi Heather!
It was a pleasure meeting you tonight. God has blessed you with a wonderful talent! Fabulous works of art!!! Look forward to getting together and sharing skills!