Blarney the Leprechaun

Blarney (a funny little leprechaun) is looking for a safe place to hide his lucky treasure. He tried under the couch cushion, but didn't like picking popcorn out of his pot of gold. The freezer didn't work out so well either... fluffy mittens made it awkward when it came time to count the coins. He tried burying it under the large oak tree, but he was too paranoid of the neighbor's dog digging it up. Poor little guy will have to find a better spot!


Anonymous said...

. . . ;))

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

Thank you Guido. Your newest lampwork beads are divine! What kind of silver reactive glass did you use? Beautiful! Heather :)

JoeyandChase said...

So cute! I'd be Irish for the day if I got to wear him!