What is PMC?

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a wonderful product made of 99.9% pure silver and an organic binder. The clay has the feel of porcelain clay and is so simple to work with that anyone can create beautiful jewelry or other pure silver works of art. Once kiln-fired, the binder burns off leaving pure silver.

The steps involved in creating a project are as follows:
1. Sculpt the piece using your fingers and basic tools.
2. Fire the work with a kiln to burn off the binder, leaving pure silver behind.
3. Finish by buffing, adding a patina, and polishing.

It is a joy to work with and very forgiving. The only negative is the price tag of $50 USD per 25g (25g is approximately 25mm x 15mm x 10mm).

Hope this answers many of your questions about Precious Metal Clay,
Heather :)

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