Indy Night

Christmas came early this year. My gift included attending my first lampwork class giving by Lisa Atchison. In one word: Amazing!
Lisa skillfully demonstrated a list of wonderful techniques including: flame set cz's, razor cutting, silver foil, dichro, horizontal encasing, goldstone, fuming, electroforming painting, and bead shaping tips. My mind is still swimming in awe.
Upon arriving home, I couldn't rest without giving my new found knowledge a go. "Indy Night" emerged from the kiln this afternoon. I am more than thrilled with this special kiln harvest. The black night sky is dotted with encased fine silver stars. A swirled lense magnifies the double helix nebula. The encased goldstone detail gives the bead unbelievable depth.
Interested in taking a class by Lisa? Visit her blog for more info:
Heather :)


Cherry Chick said...

How fabulous! I kept meaning to email you to ask when your class was. I'm so happy you had the opportunity to go "play".

JoeyandChase said...

WOW, Heather!

GlitzerKlimbim said...

simply beautiful ^^