Peppermint Mouse - New Security Camera Still Frames

"Peppermint Mouse & Gift No.2"
"Mistletoe Mice" "Peppermint Mouse & Stocking""Peppermint Mouse Strikes Again" (this time he brought friends, eek!)
Someone is up to no good! Peppermint Mouse has a sweet tooth that only seems to get him in trouble. The stockings have been raided and the peppermints have vanished. I wonder who is to blame???

Statement by Speedie & Speckle (Shipping Department): "We would like to publicly state that we are not related to Peppermint Mouse. We would never engage in mint thievery. That is wrong and we do not condone such crime.... squeak!"


corn fed girl said...

So cute! It almost...almost helps me not to hate Christmas! I hate winter but I love rodents!

Cherry Chick said... quote a friend. Keep those security cameras on or those mice will populate "everywhere"..wink..wink