Oliver Twist

"Oliver Twist" emerged from my orphan bead case last night. I'm thrilled with the overall look but I will definitely leave the jewelry designing up to the professionals.


Debra said...

OK my dear, you ARE a jewelry designer. This bracelet is absolutely beautiful! You did an awesome job. Wow! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

Thank you for the very generous compliments but sadly jewelry design is really not my bag... 4 hours of tinkering, a migraine, and 3 Ibuprophen were involve in the creation process. :) It is a safe bet that if I'm making jewelry there is a special occasion in the works. I will happily stick to lampworking where the glass flows with no migraines. :)

Cherry Chick said...

LOL...oh you kill me. But is that "Sterling" silver??? You must charge extra for the 3 Ibuprophens.