The Magic Potion

My backyard is full of MONSTERS! I seriously had no idea... apparently they hide in the shrubs and behind the pine trees. The pumpkin patch is a den of giant red Ogars (with blue spots)... good thing Joshua has his trusty sword to lay waste to the horrific beasts that lye in wait. I thought he could use a little help from the alchemy shop so I brewed him up a magic potion flask. Now to find a mini cork & finish it off.

Good luck Josh... I will be fixing you a snack in the safety of the kitchen. Slaying monsters is definitely hard work!


Debra said...

How cute is this?! My now 20-something nephew would have loved to have had one of these when he was younger, and in his Nintendo "Zelda" days. Awesome pendant!

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

Lauren is now all about playing "knights" with her brother... funny how a little glass can change the situation. She has requested a purple potion with gold aventurine flecks. I told her that she has to defeat a monster before she can be in the club ;) Those Ogars better watch out, the kids get home from school in 3 hours!